Could this be true or is this man deluded?


Man claims he’s the Charles and Camilla’s secret son.

A man from Australia is claiming that he is the secret son of Prince Charles and Camilla,and is now claiming to have pictures to prove it.

Simon Dorante-Day who is now 52 years old and made his first claims three years ago.He claims  Charles and Camilla’s affair resulted in his birth.He claims that if Princess Diana hadn’t tragically died she would have revealed his existence to the world.

His grandma told him he was Charles and Camilla’s child.

Simon was born on April 5th 1966 in Gosport near Portsmouth and was adopted at 18 months old.

He believes that the royals kept him unti he was 18 months 0ld.

Charles would have been 17 years old and Camilla 18 years old at the time he would have been conceived.

He claims that Winifred his adopted grandmother worked for the Queen and Prince Phillip and that she always told him he was Charles and Camilla’s child.

Shared a photo of him as a teenager.

He has shared a photo of himself  as a teenager as he believes it shows a resemblance to Camilla’s son Tom.

He calls himself Prince Simon on social media and  after 40 years he now wants a DNA test to prove who his biological parents are.He is often sharing updates on social media.

What are your thoughts could there be some truth in his claims or is this man bonkers?



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    • Karen Tuplin , February 5, 2019 @ 5:55 pm

      Has this guy read Queen Camilla by Sue Townsend by any chance?

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