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The government have given the right to have a compulsory purchase order on a man’s property which now has no rights to live there anymore.

In Scotland the Government have to give residents 1.5x the value of the property plus compensation,however in England that isn’t the case and we can have our property taken with no warning.

It is believed that people will be more likely to leave their homes if they were given a replacement value of their property, along with compensation for the ordeal.

Considerable amount of time to move their belongings

They should also be given a considerable amount of time to move their belongings.

This petition was set up after a local man is being forced to leave his home after 28 years to make room for a car park.

Have till February 13th to vacate premises

Able Humber Ports, a subsidiary of Able UK, has taken out a compulsory purchase order against Danny Revill’s North Killingholme house, telling him that he had until February 13 to vacate the property.

It is thought he was originally offered the “market value” of his home by Able UK, which the company said was £120,000. But after he disagreed with this, the offer was upped to £165,000, which he still believed was unacceptable.

The company is believed to have said it wants Danny’s property due to the impact that the construction of their large scale project will have on him but said it has also offered him the opportunity to lease the property.

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