Time to cross road is extended at Tollbar roundabout for children’s safety

The controversial Tollbar roundabout is being replaced with traffic lights and toucan crossings.

The amount of time pedestrians have to cross the road will be extended at certain times of the day to make it safer for school children who will be crossing the roads.

Works to replace the roundabout will start in July in a bid to make it safer for students of the nearby secondary school.

Increase the junctions capacity

North East Lincolnshire Council has also said that it wants to increase the junction’s capacity to reduce congestion.

The works, set to be completed in 2020 will consist of adding toucan crossings to all four points followed by a larger crossing on the North arm of the A16.

It is believed that at the beginning and the end of the school days, the green man times at the junction will be optimised so that pedestrians crossing the road will have a longer period to get safely across the road.

Fitted with sensors

The smart traffic lights, which are fitted with sensors will monitor the traffic flow and allow the ‘green man’ to stay visible for longer when needed.

These lights will be used on both the pedestrian crossing and traffic signals, hopefully improving safety for all users.

Waves of controversy

The plans, which were revealed last year caused huge waves of controversy and were opposed to by councillors,local people,the Academy itself and Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers.

Local residents spent over a year staging protests and starting petitions to stop the plans, begging for the scheme to be ended.

Concerns arose regarding the amount of traffic which will try to avoid stopping at the lights and perhaps causing a fatal accident.


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    • Me , February 12, 2019 @ 10:33 am

      Hopefully won’t be as smart as the traffic lights at Park street, change from green to red after 5 – 10 seconds.

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