Have you ever been the victim of an online romance scam?


Majority of victims of romance scams are women.

Romance scams are being highlighted just ahead of Valentine’s Day.The data from Action Fraud revealed that £50m was lost in these scams in 2018.

Fraudsters will  pretend to be romantically attached to their victim.The average that women lost last year was £11,145 each.

The fraudsters will trick their victims into sending them money.Or they will find enough  personal information so that they can steal the woman’s identity.

Fake Profiles

Police have said that the victims are targeted via online dating sites,or apps through social media.Fraudsters are using fake profiles to form a relationship with the women.

In 2018 the losses were up by 27% compared to the year before.But many women are thought to suffer in silence so the figure could be higher.

Average age is 50.

The average age of the victim of a romance fraud is 50 and 63% of victims are women and they will on average lose twice as much as males.

Emotional damage of being a victim of Romance fraud can in a lot of cases be even more difficult to come to terms with.

If you go on dating sites you are advised to not take everything at face value.

Online safety advice.

Criminals who commit romance fraud trawl through profiles and piece together information such as wealth and lifestyle,in order to manipulate their victims.

Police can provide provide support and investigate,but they often cannot get the money back.

It is simple for fraudsters to cover their tracks by masking IP addresses.They also use unregistered phone numbers.

Never send money to someone online who you’ve never met.

Always think twice about posting personal information.It may be used to manipulate or bribe you.

Source Action Fraud.

Have you ever been a victim of an online romance scam ?


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