Men would you breast feed your baby if it was possible?


Men may soon be able to breast feed their babies.

A student has come up with an option for parents.It would reduce pressure on mums ,as couples would be able to share the experience and dads can share the bonding experience.

Women have to do all the hard work having babies she has to grow the baby inside her for nine months then give birth and make milk.All of this while the man just watches.

Soon men will be able to be more involved.

A London university student has created a breastfeeding kit.The kit contains a chestfeeding kit a pump and a compression vest as well as different hormones.

One of the hormones is a female sex hormone progesterone,which would help to stimulate the milk producing glands.

The ducts and mammaries are there in men the milk develops in the ducts first and then you can pump out the milk.

One of the  possible side effects of taking female hormones is that the man may grow man boobs up to a c cup until they stop taking them.


What are your thoughts all you dads would you breastfeed your baby if it became possible?


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