Vegan sausage rolls coming to Grimsby

Gregg’s have revealed when their new vegan sausage rolls will be making their way to Grimsby.

The new meat-free pastry has stirred up a lot of debate but has in fact proven to be a popular choice.

Originally, the meat-free pastry was launched in a fraction of the chains 1,950 outlets in January.However, most of North East Lincolnshire missed out on the fun.

PC ravaged clowns

This innocent pastry has sparked a huge debate whether it can actually be called a ‘sausage’ roll and naturally Ths Morning presenter, Piers Morgan had something to say about it calling the chain “PC ravaged clowns” on live air.

Despite the controversy, the pastry has proven incredibly popular and will now be stocked at all outlets.

Quorn-filled pastry

It is believed curious snack fans will be able to try it from Friday, February 22 at the Freshney Place store, with the area’s other outlets welcoming the Quorn-filled pastry on Friday, March 8.

The roll is already available at the Laceby Lodge services branch, as well as at the chain’s two locations in Louth and all outlets bar the Broadway store in Scunthorpe.


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