Anger as Jamelia says old people shouldn’t vote.



The singer Jamelia caused outrage.

When singer Jamelia appeared on the Jeremy Vine show she made a suggestion that people over 75 should not be allowed to vote saying they would not live to see the outcome.

Capable of sound mind.

The singer remarked that she thinks they are capable of sound mind and of making a vote.Then pointed out that they have been voting for 50-60years.

Many Viewers angry.

With one remarking that Ageism is just as bad as racism.What about respect for your elders and their hard earned wisdom.Another remarked we have all contributed to this country through taxes and National Insurance we will never be denied a vote.

Should have been banned voting on Brexit.

The singer also said that those over 75 should have been banned from voting on Brexit and that they should not qualify to vote if a second referendum took place.

What are your thoughts has she got a point or are her remarks thoroughly outrageous?

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    • james riches , February 15, 2019 @ 2:34 pm

      Voting in the referendums was a matter of blind hope versus experience.

    • Pete , February 15, 2019 @ 7:33 pm

      Maybe if more young people had voted in the referendum we’d have had a different result? As it is I know of lots of younger people who didn’t bother- and to be fair to them its the crap state of UK politics that has led to such apathy.

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