Do you agree to changing secondary school start time to 10am.


Would changing school children’s start time to 10am make them lazy?

A campaign was started to change school start time to 10am.It has gathered 183,000 signatures and MPs backed the campaign to give them a lie in. It is claimed that teenagers are tired because they have to be up early to get to school.A later start time would increase productivity.

Secondary Schools should start later.

A number of MPs back the demand for secondary schools to start later.A lot of studies across the world have suggested that a later starting time has a positive impact on students.

Having to wake teenagers at 6.30am is like waking the dead.

Any parent of teenagers will know how hard it is getting them up in time for school as one mother with 4 teenagers remarked trying to wake them at 6.30am is like waking the dead.

The petition was the most engaged post ever.

The petition on Parliaments Instagram account was the most engaged post ever.Most of the people taking part in the survey were students.Altogether 5,000 people took part.

Do you agree tochanging the school time to 10am or do you think it will make our teenagers lazy?


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