Puppy died after eating algae.



A warning to all dog owners.

A dog owner who sadly lost his puppy has warned all dog owners of the danger to their dogs from blue/green algae.

He was walking along the banks of a river with his nine month old spaniel when the dog stopped for a drink from the river.

Owner was not aware of the danger.

The puppy very sadly died 30minutes after eating the algae which was dried up on the banks of the river.The falling river and hot weather created the danger.

It is commonly called green blue algae but its proper name is Cyanobacteria.Sometimes it looks like greeny blue flakes in the water or may not be visible at all.It is very toxic and also is a danger to fish.

Even though it is a well known substance it is very important that every one is aware of the danger of blue green algae.The owner is asking everyone to spread the word.

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