Abduction attempt at Wybers Woods

Humberside Police have launched an investigation after two men tried to lure a boy into their car.

A 12-year-old boy was chased by two men after they tried to lure him into their car and he refused.

Humberside Police were alerted of an attempted abduction on St Nicholas Drive, Wybers Wood, at around 1.45pm yesterday when two men in a silvery white car “shouted” at a young boy and “chased” him in their vehicle.

The boy’s mother took to social media to warn others of the incident,writing:

‘Urgent, my son was nearly abducted on Wybers Wood. Please be careful, the police are involved.’

White male with a beard.

One of the men was described as a white male with a beard who was driving a silver car- the make and model is unknown.

The boy was not harmed but is said to be “shook up” over the incident.

Humberside Police have assured residents that they are working hard to establish the details of this incident, undertaking local enquiries and speaking to the victim.


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