Would you take a pill for Loneliness?



Scientists have been working on a pill for loneliness.

A scientist has spent years studying loneliness and what effect it has on the brain and body.

Feelings of loneliness and isolation are common. Scientists believe that loneliness affects our health and happiness.

The study may lead to a treatment for loneliness in a pill. The pill would sooth the brain activity which makes us feel anguish when we are isolated.

Lonely people more likely to suffer diabetes and dementia.

Lonely people are also likely to practice destructive behaviour like smoking and drinking. They are less likely to enjoy physical activity.

Loneliness takes a toll on the heart.  Widows and widowers have a 66%  greater risk of death in the 3 months after losing a spouse. It is known as the broken heart effect.

Lonliness is an unpleasant emotional response to isolation. The causes can be varied and include social, mental, emotional and physical factors.

Would you take the pill for loneliness if it became available?


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