Help needed to keep the Ark Rescue Centre Afloat.


The Ark Rescue Centre asks for help.

The Ark Rescue Centre asks for help to fight a noise abatement order from the council.

The Centre was founded over 30 years ago, since when it has grown vastly due to public need.

It now provides a safe haven for many animals including goats, ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and ducks.

Kennels built.

With support from the public, kennels were built with planning permission from the council. The council has used these kennels in the past for stray dogs. The Centre provides boarding kennels as their main fundraiser.

Need to raise funds to cover legal fees.

The council served a noise abatement notice in 2018 after a complaint from a neighbour.

The property’s previous owner had lived there for 12 years with no complaints.

A barrister will be needed.

The court hearing is on Monday, 25th February, when the Centre will need a barrister and an independent professional sound report.

The costs are approximately £1,380 for a barrister and £5,200 for a professional sound report.

If these funds can’t be raised the Centre might have to close.

Campaigners ask for donations at

You can find more information on the Ark Rescue Centre’s Facebook page.

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