Grimsby 501 darts league update


Rhys chambers got the night off to a very good start with some fine 180 scoring VS Michael Harris hitting 2 180s in his 4-1 victory. Callum Jewitt also added to the 180 count in his 4-1 win over Jordan Waller.

Daz mawer made a great account for finishing 3rd with what will ‘ve considered a vital 4-2 victory over John Riches, John went into his next game redeeming himself with a 4-0 win over Aaron Dwyer.

The highest checkout of the night was 130 hit by Wayne Clark against his good friend Lee Burch, Wayne went on to win the game rather comfortably 4-0. The only other high finish was 112 hit by ash Newbegin against Wayne Clark but Wayne was in some good form and ash was struggling to stay with him Wayne won the game 4-1 rather easily.

Grimsby 501 darts league also unfortunately had Wayne’s brother Alex Clark drop from the league earlier in the day, we would like to wish Alex all the best in the future and hope he finds darts enjoyable in the near future. Alex’s 2nd half points and stats have been voided and league table has been edited for fairness on all league players.

Liam jewitt was not in attendance and his brother Callum fully capitalized finishing the night in top spot, Daz mawer also leapfrogged Liam into 2nd place Liam currently sits in 3rd place and John riches sits in 4th with only 5 more league weeks left to go.

Grimsby 501 darts league would like to thank birdseye sports and social club for hosting our league and making birdseye the home of Grimsby 501 darts league.


Aaron Dwyer 4-2 Wayne Clark

Alicia Briggs 1-4 Laura Dwyer

Mark Braithwaite 4-2 Tony Newbegin

Michael Harris 1-4 Mark Braithwaite

Rachel stembridge 0-4 David Newbegin

Rhys Chambers 4-2 Laura Dwyer

Stewart May 4-1 Jordan Waller

Aaron Dwyer 4-0 Alicia Briggs

Ash Newbegin 1-4 Wayne Clark

Ash Newbegin 1-4 Callum jewitt

Callum jewitt 4-1 Jordan Waller

Daz mawer 4-2 John Riches

John Riches 4-0 Aaron Dwyer

Lee Burch 0-4 David Newbegin

Lee Burch 0-4 Wayne Clark

Michael Harris 1-4 Rhys Chambers

Tony Newbegin 2-4 Aaron Dwyer

Stewart May 1-4 Daz mawer

With Liam jewitt and Hayden Newbegin not in attendance this week next week’s games look very advertising with some vital games which could predict the league positioning at end of the season in just a few weeks time.


Hayden Newbegin v Rhys Chambers

Liam jewitt v Callum jewitt

Aaron Dwyer v Liam jewitt

Alicia Briggs v mark Braithwaite

Callum jewitt v Hayden Newbegin

David Newbegin v Stewart May

Hayden Newbegin v Lee Burch

Jordan Waller v Laura Dwyer

Laura Dwyer v Marc Robinson

Laura Dwyer v Tony Newbegin

Liam jewitt v John riches

Marc Robinson v aaron Dwyer

Michael Harris v Rachel Stembridge

Rhys chambers v ash newbegin

Stewart May v Lee Burch

Tony Newbegin v alicia Briggs

Wayne Clark v Michael Harris

Monday 11th March see Grimsby 501 darts league pairs cup

Top of the league partners bottom, 2nd partners 2nd bottom and so on. We wish all the players the best of luck.

Spaces are left in next year’s winter league and the ever closer summer league if you would like any information please e-mail

Grimsby 501 darts league

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