Grimsby Roller Derby.

Roller Derby is a tactical, fast paced contact sport played on roller skates.

The game is played anti-clockwise on a flat track in two 30 minute halves with two minutes jams within them.

The jammer scores points by lapping members of the opposing team while teams must use their blockers to hinder the opposing jammer and helping their own jammer.

There are two teams in Grimsby Roller Derby; the Grim Reavers and the Brothers Grim.

GRD teach people everything from basic skating skills to contact and gameplay knowledge. They also train those who do not want to play contact to be referees, and those who do not want to skate in non-skating official roles. There is a role for everyone at Grimsby Roller Derby.

The Grim Reavers had their first British Championship game on Saturday, 23rd February against Wakefield (Wakey Wheeled Cats Roller Derby) and won with a score of 185 – 112.

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