Suicide game targets young children.

Fears are mounting after hundreds of reports of a ‘suicide game’ appearing in children’s videos.

The Momo Challenge has been causing concern to parents of young children who watch Youtube videos or play games with messaging available.

The challenge asks children to do dangerous things like harm themselves.

Hundreds of people have taken to social media to warn parents about this craze. One message read:

‘Parents of young children who watch Youtube videos, please keep an eye on them. My son is now terrified of staying in any room by himself! This is sick and something needs to be done soon.’

Some parents even banning their children from Youtube until the issue has been resolved.

Way for cyber-bullies to target children.

What may seem like an episode of Peppa Pig or LOL Dolls is actually a disturbing way for cyber-bullies to target and terrify young children by showing disturbing images.

‘Momo’ is an image of a woman with scary features and bulging eyes.

The images appear in videos and give instructions to do increasingly menacing tasks.

Parents claim their children have been threatened by the figure and are unable to sleep because they are frightened of what she could do.

The game starts with the creature coming out of an egg. It then turns into hide before giving instructions to turn the oven on, take pills or stab someone.

Children as young as 5

Children as young as five have been targeted by the bullies, with the game telling them to do dangerous activities like play hide and seek while their parents are asleep.

One parent claims that, despite her child’s tablet and phone being on kids mode and having parental controls, the game still pops up in the clips she deleted her child’s YouTube.

Schools now warning parents over game

Schools across the UK have released warning letters after it has come apparent that a number of children in different year groups have been overheard talking about the game- some children have also spoken to their teachers saying they are frightened by it.

The safety message is that children will not be in trouble for showing adults anything that comes on their screen which could make them uncomfortable or upset.

Schools will continue to reassure students.

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