More than 500 fines issued since litter and dog fouling patrols started.

More than 500 fines have been issued to those who litter or leave  dog mess in North East Lincolnshire.

North East Lincolnshire Council started working with Doncaster Council to introduce private patrols for litter and dog fouling in November 2018.

Since then, a total of 513 fines have been issued – 11 for dog fouling, 16 for litter from vehicles and the remaining 486 for littering.

In January alone, 253 fines were issued for litter and dog fouling in the borough.

These patrols have provoked speculation that they target vulnerable people.

Councillor David Bolton, portfolio holder for safer and stronger communities, said:

“We’re doing this because people want us to take a tougher stance on litter and dog fouling.

“The council held an extensive waste survey last year where people told us they wanted to see more enforcement against people who are messing up the borough.

“When asked if they’d support a more robust, zero tolerance approach – meaning a fine if you were caught – 87 per cent of 2,955 respondents said they would.”

Councillor Steve Beasant, chairman of the overview and scrutiny committee, added:

“We are working hard to create a cleaner North East Lincolnshire – somewhere that we can all be proud of.

“Cracking down on environmental crimes is one way of doing this, and these patrols show that we are serious about this.”

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    • Lucy James , February 27, 2019 @ 10:47 am

      ive seen them, watch “undesirables” lets say drop litter and the litter patrols have done nothing yet they go for easy targets, yes they shouldnt litter, but fine everyone not just elderly, and women on their own

    • Rolland Butter , February 27, 2019 @ 3:53 pm

      I remeber this waste survey and it also asked if we would be happy with byweekly bin collections to which the public said no and they just rolled it out anyway, they seem tI have money to spend 500k on pavements around the town hall and to pay for road sweepers to drive around the town centre every morning but don’t give a shit about the rest of the town, the litter wardens are just a money making scam for the company running it, the only focus on victimisation of the elderly and women the council should be ashamed of themselves

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