Fir Tree Farm abusers spared jail.

The three men responsible for horrific abuse of animals at a farm in Goxhill have been spared jail.

Undercover filming at the Goxhill farm by animal charity Animal Equality revealed the repeated abuse of animals.

Three men who abused “defenceless” pigs at a farm in Goxhill with “sickening” brutality have been spared prison.

The main culprit was a supervisor who was the farm’s designated animal welfare manager responsible for animal welfare practice, a court heard.

The  case was brought by the RSPCA  following an undercover investigation by animal rights group Animal Equality.

Hidden cameras were put inside the farm and these uncovered horrific abuse.

Hidden cameras uncovered horrific abuse.

Troy Wagstaff, 30, admitted abusing numerous pigs between April 2 and April 27 by causing unnecessary suffering through inflicting blunt force trauma and physical violence.

He denied a second charge of abusing a pig by spraying paint into its nose. The prosecution offered no evidence on that matter.

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