Do you think 5-year-old are to young to be taught about LGBT and transgender relationships?


 5-year-olds to be taught about LGBT families and transgender relationship.

The new curriculum will end parents rights to be able to opt their children out of the classes in 2020.

Parents keep their children away from school in protest.

Parents in Birmingham kept many of their children away from school on Friday in protest to teaching their 4 and 5-year-olds about same-sex relationships. It is believed that they think the school is undermining parents rights.

The school’s ethos is to promote LGBT equality and challenge homophobia in primary schools. Some Muslim parents object as homosexuality is forbidden in Islam.

It is believed that children should know enough to realize that some families have two mummies or two daddies.

Do you think children need to be taught this at such an early age?

Or do you think it is taking the parents rights away, to be able to teach their children in there own time?


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