Brave householder hit hooded intruder with baseball bat.

 Angry householder hit a hooded intruder with a baseball bat.

Five men broke into a house in Davenport Drive Cleethorpes on October 8th Dale Hopwood was armed with a cosh. They went upstairs and the householder swung a baseball bat with force at Dale Hopwood from the top of the stairs.

The blow hit him on the forehead and knocked him backwards into the other intruders. All the man ran out of the door but blood was believed to have been found in the kitchen, which led to Dale Hopwood being traced by his DNA.

Four children were in the house.

Four children were in the house when loud thuds were heard at the back door. Dale Hopwood had previously been jailed for 16weeks.

He said he was very sorry and it should not have happened. he said he was a muppet. At the time he suffered poor-health and relationship problems and was unemployed. He had done voluntary

work and had seven glowing references. He was jailed for two years.



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