Legal age of smoking may increase.


The legal age of smoking may increase from 18 to 21-years.

New plans that have been put forward by MPs could see the UK legal smoking age increase from 18 to 21-years. Higher levies will also be placed on tobacco companies.

The taxes would be used for campaigns to prevent youths from smoking and encourage others to quit. The price of a box of cigarettes in the UK is already around 80% tax according to the Tobacco Manufacturers Association.

It is hoped the new measures would improve public health.

Restrict smoking on TV.

The parliamentary group of cross-party MPs on smoking and health,  also want to restrict the amount of smoking that is shown in TV shows and films.

Smoking remains the leading cause of premature death and health inequalities.


The government wants to increase life expectancy.

The health secretary is believed to have said smoking rates need to be tackled. As the government wants to increase life expectancy by five by 2035. Smoking rates in the UK have fallen in recent years. It is now the second lowest in Europe.

The health secretary wants to see it fall even further in the next three years. The government would like to reduce the number of 15-year-olds who currently smoke regularly from 8% to 3%or less. Also to cut the number of adults who smoke from 15.5% to 12%

Collection of data from tobacco sales.

It would also like the collection of data from tobacco sales so they can monitor trends in the industry, and inserts put inside packets to encourage smokers to quit.

Seventeen organizations back the MPs submission to the government’s green paper. If they do increase the legal smoking age the UK would be part of a small group which includes Honduras, Kuwait, and New York.




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    • Pam Doore , March 3, 2019 @ 11:45 am

      1. It will make no difference to the children who choose to smoke.
      2. I have no idea why the government wants us all to live longer.

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