Grimsby 501 darts league


Grimsby 501 darts league


This week a few players could not attend so there was a shuffle around with the fixtures.

On the night the highest checkout was hit by Alicia Briggs against Marc Robinson which was 116, Marc went on to win the game 4-1. Rhys chambers had a tough night overall playing close contenders in Hayden Newbegin which finished 4-0 to Hayden and John Riches who had to battle from 3-1 down to earn a point vs Rhys.

Stewart May managed to draw with Lee Burch after going 3-1 down to earn a point in which every leg was closely contested. Jordan Waller managed to get 4 points on the night against Laura Dwyer which he won 4-0 against and Rachel stembridge which ended 4-1. 2 of the 3 women in the league earned to get points against Tony Newbegin Laura drawing 3-3 and alicia winning 4-2. The players that seemed to be in form was David Newbegin & hayden newbegin who won all their matches played. Mark Braithwaite also had a good night result wise and also hitting decent dart leg against alicia briggs hitting 18 dart leg.

Next week is the pairs cup games which top of the league shall partner bottom of the league, 2nd shall partner 2nd bottom and so on. The night will start in the 1st round and shall be played through to the final.

Full results

ash newbegin 0-4 John Riches

Hayden Newbegin 4-0 rhys chambers

Jordan Waller 0-4 mark Braithwaite

Lee Burch 1-4 John Riches

Marc Robinson 4-1 Alicia Briggs

Wayne Clark 1-4 Hayden Newbegin

Alicia Briggs 1-4 mark Braithwaite

David Newbegin 4-2 Stewart May

David Newbegin 4-0 Aaron Dwyer

Hayden Newbegin 4-0 mark Braithwaite

Hayden Newbegin 4-0 Lee Burch

Jordan Waller 4-0 Laura Dwyer

Jordan Waller 4-1 Rachel Stembridge

Jordan Waller 0-4 ash Newbegin

Laura Dwyer 0-4 Marc Robinson

Laura Dwyer 3-3 tony Newbegin

Marc Robinson 4-2 Aaron Dwyer

Mark Braithwaite 4-1 Lee Burch

Rhys chambers 4-1 ash Newbegin

Rhys chambers 3-3 John Riches

Stewart May 3-3 Lee Burch

Tony Newbegin 2-4 Alicia Briggs

Wayne Clark 2-4 David Newbegin

No fixtures available for next week due to cup games.

Grimsby 501 darts league is looking for players to join the league, if you are interested please do not hesitate to email for further details on

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