The Animal Rescue Sanctuary has only two weeks left to raise £5,000.


The Animal Sanctuary has two weeks to raise £5,000

The Animal Sanctuary has only got two weeks to raise £5,000 to fight its battle against the noise abatement order.

They need the £5,000 to pay for an experts report which could prevent the centre from being shut down. The Ark Animal Rescue in North Somercoates has had 11,000 signatures.

All the signatures protesting to the noise abatement order given by East Lindsey District Council.

Deadline has been set

A deadline has now been set for the Ark to prepare a professional sound report. The report has to be completed before the next hearing in May.

It is believed that they only have until March 15th to raise the funds that will be required for the experts report to be ready for the hearing in May.

The Ark was served with the noise abatement in December which was due to a complaint by one neighbour of barking dogs.

Crowdfunding Page

A crowdfunding page has been set up by The Ark and has raised over £,4,500 towards the £6,900 target. A barrister has already cost £1,380, and the sound report is expected to cost a further £5,200.

The crowdfunding page says if they win the case their future would be secure and they can go on to re-home hundreds of animals a year. If they lose the case they would have to close and have to try and raise an awful lot of funds to relocate elsewhere.

If funds could not be raised it would mean closing the gates forever after 30 years. They would like everybody to share the page with friends and family and make a donation no matter how small.

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