Council Cabinet member arrest!

Reports are coming in that on Saturday a senior member of the local Labour Party was arrested following a traffic offense.

So far there is no comment from NELC regarding this matter.

Its is is unclear what the offence was but understand it will have serious ramifications within the local Labour Group and within the Council itself.

This is not good timing for the Labour Party following national issues over Antisemitism and the incidents last year on the Yarborough ward after the dismissal of former Labour member Matthew Brown, all this with Local Elections looming.

Further details will follow.

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Picture courtesy of Ben Lucas


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    • Mik , March 6, 2019 @ 3:54 pm

      seriously , this is a breach of standards and should be referred to the ethics committee and should if precedence case are anything to go by, result in a 6 month suspension from office . This councillors seat is not up for election in May this year , so wont lose his seat but will a suspension count as not holding that seat? if all the seats contested in May result in holds for each relevant party . will Labour with the support of the Lib Dems still be eligible to hold the power until he comes back .
      I think as he only has one year left , he should resign , stand down and have the seat fought by his replacement brought forward a year. .

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