Support for residents needed.


By Peter Kingford

It has come to Cleethorpes local communities attention that Network rail propose to close the crossing point at Suggitts lane due to safety concerns.


Some of our councillors and local community groups ( DN35 Community watch, Clee “Jo Cox” Community Action Team and The Friends of The North Beach are concerned about this decision and would like to challenge Network rails method of implementing this propose change. We believe the closing of this crossing will have a adverse affect on the businesses on the North Promenade and also cause problems for cyclist and the New Cycle Hub and families with prams, dog walkers and the local community who use it at the moment to gain access to the facilities on the North Beach and Promenade, and in fact All businesses within Cleethorpes.


We currently have a petition both on line and face to face and also have petitions in many shops within the area as well as people crssing at Suggitts lane crossing can also sign a petition at the last house on Suggitts lane next to the actual crossing , number 75 Suggitts lane, to evaluate the publics feeling about this and to ask Network rail if they are prepared to meet with the local councillors and community groups to have a open discussion to explain their reasoning for the proposed closure and be open to take suggestions to look for alternatives. We have several ideas that we would like to put forward that may be worth consideration and would like to make sure that Network rail have considered every angle before making any final decision. Some of the ideas are listed below.
1) As the crossing is very near Cleethorpes station, how fast are the _trains going, is slowing them down with little loss to_ overall journey time worth considering.
2) Is better signage worth considering
3) More patrols by transport police at relevant times
4) CCTV in appropriate locations to act as a deterrent to bad behaviour and link into local transport police
5) Are there crossing points in other areas where similar problems have been resolved with small engineering changes to gates / barriers etc.
6) Would they consider delaying the closure for say a year to see if any changes made from above suggestions, or if local groups can police / educate / raise awareness of people to
use crossing better and reduce the incident rate.
7) As there is a Beach access road from this crossing in the sea wall will there be any long term affects for future maintenance to the wall, beach or emergency rescue to be considered.
8) Are there any legal requirements covering this crossing.

As well as handing in the signed petitions to Network rail we will be handing them into MP Martin Vickers and urging him to speak to the transport minister and asking for him to intervene and stop network rail closing the crossing.
With thanks
DN35 Community Watch, Friends Of The North Beach, and Clee “Jo Cox” Community Action Team.

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