Good news for messy people.


There is good news for messy people.

You can be criticised for being messy often called lazy, unproductive, and unintelligent.

But this is not true Albert Einstein was a famous messy person. Also, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain and Mark Zuckerberg were known for being messy people.

Multiple studies.

Messiness is not a bad thing. It can be a sign of intelligence and efficiency multiple studies have revealed. So there is no shame in being messy because living and working in organised chaos is a positive thing.

There is plenty of science to back this up if you can’t believe this.

Why is neatness so valued?

When you were a child you would more than likely be told that keeping your room clean was considered to be good. Nearly all of us grew up to believe that clutter is shameful. It can make us feel bad or maybe like we don’t have our lives together. Where have these expectations come from.?

The truth of the matter is there is no legitimate proof that neatness means anything.

Being too obsessed with an orderly lifestyle can result in more disorder.

And no matter how hard you work at keeping a space organised you know it will get messy again.

More tasks get completed if staff are allowed to be slightly messy.

Studies show that if staff are allowed to be at least slightly messy they will get 30% more tasks completed. Than they would in a completely clean and tidy environment.

It does not mean you can be a complete slob,there is a balance to be struck but there is nothing wrong with being a little messier than many people would like you to be.




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