How lovely Mums get 10,000 cuddles.


A detailed study has revealed that mums get 10,000 cuddles.

The study was done to see how devoted children from four to sixteen are to their mums. It also found that mums will be woken up 16 times a year by a child with a tummy ache, or a bad dream.

Taxi duties will take up an hour and thirty minutes a week. Which will include lifts to six birthday parties a year or 78 over their childhood.

According to the study it found that you will spend four hours a week watching children take part in sports and hobbies, and school assemblies five hours a year.

Mums also have to remember ten different things which relate to their child every day.

Parents evening take up two and a half hours a year according to research by OnePoll.

Many mothers say that it has made them appreciate their own mums more.

Over three-quarters of mothers said that having children has made them appreciate their own mums more. The study involved 2,000 mums and was commissioned by Next.

It also revealed that mum’s enjoy 15 cuddles a week which means 10,140 love-ins over their childhood.

Being a mum can be one of the most important things and one of the hardest things you can do. You may get a little fed up stood on the side of a cold wet football pitch watching your child.

But it is so worth it when you get a cuddle from your child or they whisper they love you.




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