Have you been denied access to your grandchildren?



Have you been denied access to your

Many grandparents are stopped from seeing their beloved grandchildren. It has been reported that Elton John’s mother never met her grandchildren due to a rift with her son.

When a marriage ends, or there is a death in the family, or an argument develops, contact can suddenly stop. Causing considerable heartache and upset to both grandparents and grandchildren.

What is the Law?

Family law firms are asked frequently what grandparents rights are. When they have been denied rights to their grandchildren. The sad news is that grandparents do not have automatic rights to contact with their grandchildren. But family courts recognise that grandparents play a valuable role in grandchildren’s lives. It is rare that a court would refuse grandparents access unless there was evidence of abuse.

Can grandparents apply to courts for access to grandchildren?

Only people with parental responsibility can make an application for a contact order.

Grandparents rights are limited but they could apply for permission (leave) to apply for a contact order.

If you are successful you can apply for a contact order through the court to gain access to your grandchildren. The court always considers all of the child’s circumstances and will only make an order where they believe it is better for the child than making no order at all.

It is only in circumstances that are extreme that a court will refuse access to your grandchildren.

In France, it is the law that every child has the legal right to access to their grandparents. But in this country it is terribly costly it can cost from £5,ooo to £50,000.

The costs to children caught up in adult wars can leave many scars.

At least one person told us that he was stopped seeing his grandparents when he was young, he never discovered why. He is now 30 and has only just rekindled his relationship with them and remarked that they are amazing, and he will always live with the regret he never got to know them sooner.

A call for rights for grandparents law.

MPs are calling for the government to bring in a law for the rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren after a divorce.

They would like an amendment to the Children Act which would include the child’s rights to have a close relationship with members of their extended family. The Ministry of Justice said it would consider the proposals.

Are you a heartbroken grandparent who has been denied access to your grandchildren?

Or are you a parent that has stopped your children seeing their grandparents?

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    • G.Lewis , March 12, 2019 @ 9:16 am

      I’ve not seen my granddaughter for the first year of her life ……. I got threats and abuse from her family my son left her some time ago that if I was to take it to court they would break my sons legs who living at home still whilst I watched ….. I went to social services as my daughter works for them who has stuck her nose in and got friendly with the mother and told her it’s not a good idea for me to see my own granddaughter and it’s not a good idea that the baby has a dad in her life and my daughter was having my own granddaughter every weekend !!
      I spoke to social services and said I’m reporting my own daughter as she had turned against me for no good reason and she is enjoying watching the whole of my side of the family hurt through no fault of our own. When I spoke with social services they are we’re wbout as much support and help as a CHOCOLATE FIREGUARD they even advised me not taking it further.
      This needs to change authorities are corrupt to the core and real abuse children get left by the wayside I’ve seen it time and time again not fit for purpose comes to mind. Lets just say I will not be taking advice of the corrupt social services since my daughters worked for them she has changed for the worse and most of the family don’t speak to her anymore……. if this is happening to her it most probably will happen to others ….. is this what they do corrupt the mind of young ambitious children to work for them and do the dirty deeds…… because I can tell u now they have done it to my daughter she is pure evil she was very close to me and all the family but no more I’ve LOST my daughter to the corrupt system ….. but in a different way than most she WORKS for them !!!!!!!

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