Save a chicken for £1.


Chickens being sold off for £1.

Save one of 12,000 hens from going to the slaughterhouse.

Babthorpe Hall Farm which is on the edge of the North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire border. Is having a clear out of approx 12,000 hens and everyone is for sale at £1 each.


The Farm has turnover every 13 months.

Every 13 months the Farm has a turnover because of deteriorating shell quality. But the chickens will lay eggs for many years.

The hens who have spent their whole lives putting eggs on breakfast tables,have got until next month to find homes before they are killed. Even though they are in perfect health.

Farm owner Sheena Seals from Shelby, North Yorkshire is selling them for less than a cup of coffee in an effort to save them. The hens have a lovely temperament and only need a bit of space to roam about. They will continue to lay eggs for many years to come. They will save you a fortune in fresh eggs. If anyone could give a forever home it would mean a lot.

If you would like a new pet get in touch with the Farm directly Babthorpe Hall Farm Selby.




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