Are you having to subsidise your children’s school.

Are you having to subsidise your children’s school.

Parents are helping schools.

Headteachers have warned that due to a funding crisis parents are paying for glue sticks and pens and other things. It was reported that a letter has been sent by more than 7,000 headteachers to millions of families.

It is believed the campaign group Worthless requested to meet the Education Secretary but it was rejected due to time pressures.

The Department of Education has said that school funding in England is at its highest ever level. One head teacher is thought to have said she is embarrassed after being forced to clean the school, serve in the canteen and even wash toilets.

The school can not afford a deputy head. We are aware of at least one local school where it is believed support staff has had to be cut. Support staff earns next to nothing and they do an incredible job, but they are in the firing line every time headteachers have to make cuts.

One school has put teachers on a lower grade pay scale than where they should be because the school; can’t afford to pay them more.


Parents have made cash contributions to schools.

One headteacher said that cash which has been raised by the parent-teacher association was needed desperately. Money was so tight that some parents had made cash contributions to the school.

He said parents are very supportive he has to write to them regularly and they pay for things like glue sticks, string, sellotape, maths resources, whiteboards, and nativity costumes.


Are you having to subsidise your children’s school?





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