Do you and your partner argue about household chores?


Do you and your partner argue about who does household chores?

Three-quarters of us argue about who does the chores at least once a week, according to a new study. Doing the dishes or loading the dishwasher was one of the main arguments.

Women who are constantly washing up the dishes reported a higher number of arguments with their other half. They even had less sexual satisfaction than partners who do their fair share.

Not sharing dishwashing was the biggest source of satisfaction for women among all the household tasks.

In one study measuring cortisol which is an indicator of stress. Married men who took part in the study had lower levels when they were relaxing and letting their wives do the household chores. No surprise there!

Women had lower levels of cortisol when their husbands helped them with household chores.

Men who share the weekly shop.

Men who share their fair share of the weekly shop appear to reap the benefits of domestic harmony in other areas. Research also revealed that three-quarters of our children between six and seventeen do not do any household chores at all.

According to one law firm seven in ten marriages end, because couples do not reach an agreement on decisions that relate to the home. They do not reach an agreement on how monthly finances are arranged, where couples live or how household responsibilities are shared out.

They said that couples who talk about domestic issues are much more likely to stay together long term.

If you live with together with a partner do you divide the housework?

Or are you left to cope with it on your own?

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