Folk’s wine bar feel


Folk’s had an upgrade is many people’s first thought when walking past but what actually is it now? Owner Brett Smith is quite specific about his vision and believe us; it doesn’t disappoint.

After the change from Society to Folk they focused on providing a full menu all based around the finest cured meats, world cheeses and artisan breads; this hasn’t changed but they are now delivering a much more refined setting to enjoy some superb wines and personally created sharing boards!

Welcome to Folk!

They’ve changed it up internally with more of a wine bar feel, added some unbelievable music collectors to the events list, who will just stand and play faintly in the background while you sit, chat and enjoy your wine, cheese board, breakfast platter or even one of their bespoke signature cocktails made by their very own Mixologist Dan.

They have a range of resident music selectors, all playing a variety of music throughout the day & night and have a line up planned of international dj’s and collectors, aiming to showcase at least once a month.

Folk has a very limited capacity, and the customers like it like that!

A grand piano sits proudly in the room to showcase some local and national talent, jazz, funk & soul is the sound when they don’t have a live act but they firmly believe having the right setting to enjoy the music while eating & drinking – no ear muffs needed here!

They’re still a deli, and their message is clear; they have a full menu of the best cured meats, cheeses, breads and homemade accompaniments and pair that with wines perfectly chosen to suit the menu, cocktails you’ve never tasted before & music they hope you really enjoy your time.

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