Nearly all passengers who pay to sit together on a flight are wasting their money.


Passengers who pay extra to sit together are in most cases wasting their money. A report by Which analysed the experience of 3,357 economy passengers and it found that those that had not paid an extra seat almost nine in ten 86% were seated together anyway.

Ryanair had by a long way the lowest number of passengers seated together if they had not paid extra for allocated seating at just 46%. Ryanair admitted freely that they do not actively try to keep groups together, but it has always denied splitting them up in order to boost the profits.

The ten most popular airlines that operate paid for seating were asked by Which Travel if they seat couples, families, and groups together if they have not paid for allocated seats. With the exception of Ryanair and Wizz Air, they all said they did.

Families with children protected by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Civil Aviation Authority has guidelines, they state that they should aim to sit parents close to children and parents should not have to pay to avoid being seated away from their child. But at this time airlines are not obliged to follow this advice.

Children under 12 will always be seated with an adult on BA, Thomas Cook, and Tui. On Ryanair, families will always have to pay to sit together, and it is compulsory for at least one adult in the group to pay for a seat. They will then be able to reserve seats for up to four children free.

During the investigation, they also found that prices are too confusing they vary by route and even demand.

Experts believe that splitting up families on flights could be a significant safety risk to all passengers. Family members could lose precious time looking for each other in the event of an emergency.

Source Which Travel.

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