Do you think we say sorry too often ?



Do we say sorry too often?

According to a sociologist when we apologise needlessly we just end up making ourselves look small. How many times in a day do you use the word sorry?

There are times when you need to say sorry such as when you bump into someone or if you need to cancel plans with a friend. But at many other times, it is unnecessary to say sorry.

The sorry when there’s a spill in the supermarket aisle, or rescheduling a haircut. The sociologist believes that the endless sorry we say through the day make us look smaller and timider than we are.

A friend said sorry to the pizza delivery guy for him being late because he couldn’t find her house.

We could vanish sorry from our sentences.

She thinks we could eliminate sorry from our sentences but still be considerate. If you bump into someone you could say go ahead, or after you, or pardon me. During a meeting, you could say Id like to add, or why don’t we try this, instead of sorry to interrupt you.

Her idea is for you to be polite but not minimize yourself. And sometimes when we would say sorry we could just say thank you. When a colleague was late arriving at a restaurant she thought he would say sorry but he never he said thanks for waiting.

She is of the opinion that we should tell other people when they are overdoing their sorry. One hundred percent of the time when she interrupts another woman and asks why did she say sorry for that, she will say I don’t know.


Surely it is polite to say sorry or do you agree the word is used far too often?


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