Is it inappropriate to wear a crop top on a flight?


Is there anything wrong in wearing a crop top on a flight?

Thomas Cook told a woman who was wearing a crop top described by some as a bralette, and high waisted trousers that her outfit was inappropriate. It is claimed the airline threatened to remove her unless she put a jacket on.

The woman claims that staff did nothing when another passenger shouted and swore at her because the plane would not leave until she put the jacket on. It is believed the staff made comments over the speaker about the situation which left the woman upset and humiliated.

Thomas Cook has apologised.

Thomas Cook has since apologised and said they should have handled the situation better. As with most airlines, Thomas Cook has an appropriate clothing policy. The policy applies equally to men and women of all ages, The crew have a difficult job and don’t always get the task of implementing the policy right.

Do you think there should be a dress code on Airlines?

Would you be offended sitting next to someone on a plane who is wearing a crop top?

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