Would you be happy using a gender-neutral changing room?


Primark has installed its first gender-neutral changing room. Equality campaigners have welcomed the decision. But some customers are not happy and have threatened to boycott the stores involved, The changing rooms have no separate male and female areas.

Primark has installed unisex changing areas at Bluewater Mall near Gravesend Kent, and at Hastings, East Sussex which is a new store. The decision was made following claims of unfair treatment by some of their customers.

A customer had tweeted that if a transbutch/transfemme came in and wanted to use the female changing area why not let them. Another person said that they had been turned away from both the female and male dressing rooms, and said trans people do exist guys. A ruling last week by the British Gymnasts governing body said that female gymnasts must use the same changing rooms. As males who identify as the opposite sex.

Would you be happy to use a gender-neutral changing room?




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    • Isaac Taylor , March 18, 2019 @ 8:46 am

      As a trans boy living in Grimsby I use primark a lot for affordable fashion, and often find myself forced into the girls section or turned away. This would be great as ultimately it can only cause good rather than harm.

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