Grimsby 501 darts league update

Grimsby 501 darts league update

Monday 18th may 2019 was the penultimate night for the winter league season.

Daz mawer started the night on a bad floor going 2-0 down to Marc Robinson  but after 2 180s and some decent finishing Daz pulled back to scrape a 3-3 draw. Daz also put 3 darts in the 60 bed against Wayne Clark in a 4-1 victory. Marc Robinson overall had a good night considering finishing wise hitting a 119 checkout to beat ash newbegin 4-1, a 16 dart leg in a 4-2 victory over David Newbegin went a long way, Marc has now finished all games in the league and we hope he joins in the future. Liam jewitt continued his fine form winning all his games played on the night although Hayden Newbegin took him very close. John riches went a long way to finishing in top 4 by winning his games. Lee Burch, Stewart May,Jordan Waller david newbegin , mark Braithwaite and tony newbegin seem to be improving week by week along with Laura Dwyer and Rachel stembridge.

Standings at the moment after tonight’s results.

Liam jewitt 1st

Callum jewitt 2nd

John riches 3rd

Daz mawer 4th

Hayden Newbegin 5th

Marc Robinson 6th

Rhys chambers 7th

Most 180s without the cup games is tied with Daz mawer and Liam jewitt both hitting 11 each. With the cup games Liam leads the way with a total of 15 180s.

Highest checkout is still Liam jewitt on a 146.


Callum jewitt 4-1 Tony Newbegin

David Newbegin 2-4 Marc Robinson

Daz mawer 4-1 rhys chambers

Jordan Waller 0-4 David Newbegin

Liam jewitt 4-0 Callum jewitt

Liam jewitt 4-0 Rachel stembridge

Marc Robinson 4-1 Stewart May

Tony Newbegin 0-4 Hayden Newbegin

Aaron Dwyer 0-4 Liam Jewitt

Aaron dwyer 2-4 Mark Braithwaite

Aaron Dwyer 0-4 Daz mawer

Alicia Briggs 0-4 John Riches

Alicia Briggs 0-4 Lee Burch

Ash Newbegin 1-4 Marc Robinson

David Newbegin 1-4 Hayden Newbegin

Daz mawer 4-1 Wayne Clark

Hayden Newbegin 2-4 Liam Jewitt

John riches 4-1 Tony Newbegin

Laura Dwyer 1-4 John Riches

Laura Dwyer 0-4 Hayden Newbegin

Lee Burch 0-4 Callum jewitt

Marc Robinson 3-3 Daz mawer

Marc Robinson 4-0 Jordan Waller

Marc Robinson 0-4 Liam Jewitt

Rachel stembridge 0-4 Marc Robinson

Rachel stembridge 1-4 Tony Newbegin

Rhys chambers 4-1 Wayne Clark

Stewart May 4-2 Laura Dwyer

Tony Newbegin 0-4 Marc Robinson

Final week fixtures for winter league 18/19 season. 25/3/19

Callum jewitt v stewart may

Daz mawer v Rachel Stembridge

Daz mawer v Callum jewitt

Jordan Waller v Lee Burch

Lee Burch v Laura Dwyer

Liam jewitt v rhys chambers

Mark Braithwaite v ash newbegin

Rhys chambers v Rachel Stembridge

Stewart May v alicia Briggs

Tony Newbegin v Liam jewitt

Alicia Briggs v Rhys Chambers

Ash Newbegin v David Newbegin

Callum jewitt v Hayden Newbegin

Callum jewitt v alicia Briggs

Daz mawer v Laura Dwyer

Daz mawer v Lee Burch

Hayden Newbegin v Jordan Waller

Laura Dwyer v Rachel Stembridge

Liam jewitt v John riches

Liam jewitt v Daz mawer

Mark Braithwaite v David Newbegin

Rachel stembridge v Wayne Clark

Tony Newbegin v Stewart May

Grimsby 501 darts league are holding a knockout on Monday 1st April 2019 at the Birdseye Sports and Social club. £5 entry price money dependant on entries. Format Best of 7legs final best of 9 legs. Registration ends 7.45 pm start at 8pm.

Grimsby 501 darts have 1 spot remaining in the summer league which starts Monday 3rd June 2019. For more information please e-mail

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