Ticket machine ripped from car park.


A ticket machine has been ripped out of a car park in Cleethorpes and then blow torched to get cash.

The thieves then dumped it in the Beck. Humberside police are investigating a number of thefts of ticket machines. The latest theft is believed to have taken place on Saturday night from St Peter’s Ave car park.

The money was taken from it and then the machine was thrown into Buck Beck. The Beck runs to Anthony’s Bank. Police were made aware of it after it was submerged in water.

It is believed that the method used to steal the machine points to a gang. It is thought that the gang could disguise themselves as contractors so that it looks like they are carrying out repairs.

It is expected that the cost of the theft will be substantial because of the cost of electronic computer-aided machines and their contents.

If you have any information about the ticket machine being taken from Cleethorpes and attacked with equipment near Meridan Point car park and Antony’s Bank. Please contact Humberside Police on 101.

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