Give Local Kids’ Eye View Of Brexit

Audio Documentary Will Give A Local Kids’ Eye View Of Brexit

Just what is the kids’ eye view of the EU and Brexit and can they appreciate what it means to be in or out?

That’s what local audio documentary-maker Mike Cartwright hopes to discover after a trip to Pilgrim Academy in Immingham where he filmed the Year 3 pupils discussing the topic.

Former BBC Radio Humberside presenter and audio documentary-maker Mike Cartwright visited Pilgrim Academy to hear the children talk about Brexit. He is pictured with Klimentina Georgieva and her son Bozhidar Georgiev and Kenzie Mathers (right), both Year 3.
Year 3 Pilgrim Academy pupil Lily King tries a strawberry from Spain watched by her mum Hannah.

The former Radio Humberside presenter has made a number of audio documentaries based on children’s views of world issues and topics they are learning at school.

He said: “It is very interesting getting to hear what the children think of all of the issues that they probably hear about everyday on the news and from their parents but don’t often get a chance to be heard on.

“I produce radio documentaries based on school projects and the children get to ask questions on topical issues and give their views on what they feel should happen.”

To find out what the children think of these issues, listen to Mike’s documentary, which will be uploaded soon to the Academy’s website as an audio programme for the children and their families to listen to.

Who knew their favourite Pringles came from Belgium – (l-r) James Woods and Daniel Plaskitt-Stanley tuck in.
Tomatoes from France – Stacey Barker and her son Kai Barker-Pearson, who reserved judgment on the taste!

Pilgrim Academy Teacher Jordan Gibbon said: “As teachers we shared impartial knowledge of the EU and what it gives us and what we give to  it. The children then had the chance to say what they think and to try some of the produce we import from other European countries.”

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    • Dave , March 23, 2019 @ 12:14 pm

      What is the point in this, the children are clearly a reflection of the education system and their parents opinions, not only that I see in this article a number of eu products but no British products, for an independent news group this seems rather eu leaning wouldn’t you say. As you value all points of view I’m sure you will have no issue with my anti eu opinion and the fact the real question the children should be asked is if they would like to do national services for the EU army when they come of age and fight a foreign super powers wars, not how tasty is that Spanish strawberry

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