Are the council losing us money and vital assets?

Are the council losing us money and vital assets?

Councillor John Fenty asked Councillors at last night’s extended Council meeting to consider what they do with the assets owned by NELC in the future, and has historically this done with the best interest of the future of the borough.

His motion was as follows:

The management of assets owned or managed by the authority has been poor
with little or no strategic thinking, multiple examples of bad decision making,
operational neglect, all representing a waste of and poor use of public funds.
This culminates in loss of income and an alarming potential increase in future
liabilities for the authority.

That this council undertakes an immediate strategic review, and that scrutiny
be requested to establish a select committee to commission a detailed
analysis of the recent history of key assets and commercial estates. The
select committee to consider the findings of this analysis and make
recommendations back to the scrutiny for potential referral to Cabinet.

He cited in his speech that issues that concern him around about what he believes to be policy shortfall, or failure to follow such.  Examples included the public toilets, The Fitties, Toll Bar roundabout, The new Wilkin Chapman building, Victoria Mills an the Border Inspection Post.


His full speech is available here 

Picture: Ben Lucas


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    • Ian Barfield , March 22, 2019 @ 11:01 am

      That’s not reporting. That is just printing John Fenty’s speech. What did anyone else say in the debate. Does that matter or are you just a mouthpiece for the Conservative Party?

    • grimsbyindependent , March 22, 2019 @ 12:24 pm

      Are you Councillor Barfield? Have you sent anything in? This was sent in by The conservatives, as are items direct from the council and we publish them. If you want something publishing my suggestion is you send something. Do you have a view on this this story, or the other story that discussed the motion?

    • , March 23, 2019 @ 5:54 pm

      A majority of public toilets closed in 2004 under a coalition Tory/Libdem council, the areas only library closure Yarborough, happened at the same time. Other libraries Nunthorpe, etc, went to the institute at the same time. The Council’s Tourism department was destroyed at the same time, the free bulky waste service was scrapped, the pest controlley service was desbanded, so what are the Conservatives going to do to put these mistakes right they caused!

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