Grimsby 501 darts league update

Grimsby 501 darts league update

Monday 25/3/19 was the final night of the winter league season 18/19.

The final night saw a shock winner that seemed to come from no where to win the league beating both players he leapfrogged from 3rd to top of the league. A massive well done to Daz Mawer in winning the Grimsby 501 darts league winter league. In 2nd place missing out by only 1 point was Liam Jewitt who also had an exceptional season. 3rd place is Callum Jewitt finishing 2 points behind 2nd place. 4th spot went to John Riches by only leg difference ahead of 5th place Hayden Newbegin.

Most 180s was tied after all fixtures was played with Daz Mawer & Liam Jewitt both hitting 12 each in a great scoring season from all players which contributed to the 180 total tally of 65 180s during the league games. More 180s was hit in cup games which has not added to total league tally.

Liam Jewitt also takes the prize money for the highest checkout which proved to be unbeaten all 2nd half of the season 146 checkout Liam hit on 7/1/19 finished the highest of the season.

Rachel Stembridge finished bottom of the league unfortunately only managing to earn 1 point during the season and to her credit carried on enjoying darts till the end. Grimsby 501 darts league would like to thank all the players that competed in the league in 2018-19 and hopes to see you all re-enter future seasons.

The presentation night for 2018-19 season will be held at Birdseye sports and social club on Saturday 18th May 2019 from 7pm. We invite all players to attend and enjoy the night with us.

During the final night Hayden Newbegin showed his continued talent of darts winning both his games against Jordan Waller in which he hit a 180 and won 4-0. Also beating Callum Jewitt 4-2 hitting 2 180s in the game.

Callum Jewitt went on to also have a defeat VS Daz Mawer 4-2 but went on to win his other 2 vs Stewart May and Alicia Briggs. Liam Jewitt won 2 games VS Lee Burch and Tony Newbegin but fell short to John riches and Daz Mawer ultimately costing him the league title. The victory for John Riches over Liam Jewitt was Johns only game of the night. Wayne Clark also only played 1 game in a 4-1 victory over Rachel Stembridge. Mark Braithwaite and David Newbegin faced off against each David coming off on top of the fixture winning 4-1 but both managed to beat Ash Newbegin by the same scoreline 4-2. Stewart May won only 1 out of 3 beating Tony Newbegin but losing to Callum Jewitt and drawing with Alicia Briggs. Alicia Briggs earned the point vs stew but lost to Callum jewitt 4-0. Laura Dwyer managed to win both games as she is another that seems to be adjusting to the best of 6 legs format beating Lee Burch and Rachel Stembridge by a 4-0 scoreline in both. Lee Burch had 4 games winning just 1 in the shape of Jordan Waller  and losing the other 3.

During this week Grimsby 501 darts league formed a full committee formed by chairman/founder Ash Newbegin. I would like to welcome Sallyanne Newbegin, Callum Jewitt, Laura Dwyer, John Riches, Mark Braithwaite And Siobhan Winton to Grimsby 501 league committee.

Grimsby 501 darts league would like to thank everyone for the help received by all members during the season. A massive thank you to Birdseye sports and social club for hosting Grimsby 501 darts league over the last year with great success. They also want to thank Bobbie’s prize bingo hosted at Scout hut carr lane on a Saturday and Sunday evening and also the Bathroom village Ltd based on Grimsby road Cleethorpes for their very kind sponsorship over the last year and we are very pleased to say the next season of winter league and summer league too.

Results for 25/3/19

Callum jewitt 4-0 Stewart May

Daz Mawer 4-0 Rachel Stembridge

Daz Mawer 4-2 Callum jewitt

Jordan Waller 1-4 Lee Burch

Lee Burch 0-4 Laura Dwyer

Mark Braithwaite 4-2 Ash Newbegin

Stewart May 3-3 Alicia Briggs

Tony Newbegin 1-4 Liam Jewitt

Ash Newbegin 2-4 David Newbegin

Callum jewitt 2-4 Hayden Newbegin

Callum jewitt 4-0 Alicia Briggs

Daz mawer 4-0 Laura Dwyer

Daz mawer 4-0 Lee Burch

Hayden Newbegin 4-0 Jordan Waller

Laura Dwyer 4-0 Rachel Stembridge

Liam jewitt 2-4 John Riches

Liam jewitt 1-4 Daz mawer

Liam jewitt 4-1 Lee Burch

Mark Braithwaite 1-4 David Newbegin

Rachel stembridge 1-4 Wayne Clark

Tony Newbegin 2-4 Stewart May

Hitting 180s on night was Hayden newbegin ×3

Callum jewitt

Liam jewitt

Daz mawer

Summer league 2019 starts 3rd June 2019 and 20 players has entered.

Ash Newbegin, Hayden newbegin, Tony Newbegin, Callum jewitt, Liam jewitt, Daz mawer, Lee Burch, mark Braithwaite, Stewart May, Jordan Waller, Laura Dwyer, John riches and a few new members we would like to welcome joining us

Kirk evison, Tony Smith, ken Smith, David East, Daniel Keaney, Gary smith, Graham field and Richard Foster

Grimsby 501 darts league is hosting a 501 knockout on Monday 1/4/19 open to all.

We are also taking names for winter league 2019/20 season. Which starts on monday 7th october 2019. For more information please e-mail

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