Should the word cyclist be banned?


Experts have suggested that the word cyclist should be banned. They say that the word cyclist dehumanises a bike rider and invites aggression towards them.

Cyclist should instead be called people who ride bikes. The study analysed the attitudes towards both cyclists and non-cyclists. Just over half of non-cyclists responded, 30% of those who ride bikes rated the word cyclist as not completely human.

One in five drivers said they had completely blocked a cyclist on the road. Nine percent admitted they had used their car to cut off a cyclist.

Some of the coments from drivers included I feel like cyclists arent sophisticated, and I fell like cyclists are mechanic.

The experts want to put a human face on cyclists and improve attitudes and reduce aggression that is directed at on-road cyclists. They want to reduce cyclists road trauma and increase public acceptance of cyclists as legitimate road users.

Rule 163 of the Highway code states that when passing cyclists drivers should give as much room as you would when overtaking a car. Seventy percentof collisions that involve cyclists are caused by driver error or fault, not indicating is the biggest fault that drivers can make. If you make other road users aware of your intentions as early as possible then everyones risk is lowered.

Would banning the word cyclist make any difference?

Are you a cyclist do you feel safe cycling on our roads?

Do you find drivers aggressive towards cyclists?


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