Are you a busy mum with no time to visit doctors or book smear tests?


Many mums have a long list of life tasks that they keep putting off according to a survey.

The survey of 2,000 by Well pharmacy found that the average mum with children of 16 and under will have a to-do list with 20 things on it.

It also came to light that a large 43 percent do not have time to visit the doctor because of life getting in the way. One in four hasn’t booked a smear test because they’ve been too busy.

43 percent of mums are trying to find the time to book a haircut. A massive 49% sometimes don’t even have time to shower, because they are so busy running around after their children.

Even the simplest tasks can be difficult when you have children especially those with babies and toddlers who can find that hours vanish when they try to do something simple like leaving the house.

Half of the mums said they prioritise whatever their children need, above more personal matters which need attention.

Mums are normally woken between 6-6.35am and eight in ten find that they are exhausted by the time they go to bed at 9.43pm.

One in five mums only gets 15 to 30minutes free time in an average day. More than 80 percent carry on with the family routine when they are ill. Stating they don’t have time to be ill.

It is exhausting just reading this so if your a busy mum let someone else take over tomorrow and have a Happy Mothers Day.



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