Dad forced his own son to take methadone.


A father risked his own 12-year-old son’s life by forcing him to take a heroin substitute and sedatives so that the father could pass a drugs test.

James Major 40 forced his son to take methadone and sedatives  which could have been fatal. He then made his son to provide a urine sample so that he could try to fool a drugs assessment.

He threatened his son not to tell anyone and said he would break his legs if he did. He crushed the heroin substitute tablets into his son’s blackcurrant juice.

His son ended up in the hospital when he fell down some stairs after becoming groggy and lethargic.Because of the life threatening effects of the drugs.

James Major tried to cover up by claiming his son was milking it.

He admitted child cruelty and was jailed for four years at Grimsby Crown Court.

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