Do you think speed limiting gadgets are a good idea?

Speed limiting gadgets will be fitted to all new cars by 2022.

The new technology will use cameras inside the car which will read road signs automatically, it will adjust the top speed by regulating power to the engine.

Every new car will be fitted with speed limiting gadgets from 2022 under EU law.

The rule will make speeding virtually impossible. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, the rule is set to be adopted by the UK.

Joshua Harris from the charity Brake said This is a landmark day for road safety. The measures are the biggest leap forward for road safety this century.

Legislation has now been agreed and is set to be passed by the European Parliament later this year.

Intelligence speed assistance limiters will work by using cameras inside cars to read road signs along the side of GPS data. By regulating power to the engine, it automatically adjusts the top speed. The driver can override it by pushing down hard on the accelerator.

Roger Lawson from the Association of British drivers is of the opinion that the law is badly thought out and it is going to be imposed on British Drivers without public consultation.

What is your opinion Do you think speed limiting gadgets are a good idea?

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