Do you think your boss would let you have a nap today?


There’s good news if you fancy a quick nap at your desk today you have the full backing of the science behind you. So if your boss disagrees be sure to show them this.

The clocks going forward means lighter days and promises of spring. But it means one hour less sleep.

An hour may not sound a lot, but scientists have said its grounds to have a nap today to make up for it. The research by Dr. Nerina Ramlakan for Silentnight said the time change could mean that some workers sleep drops to four hours.

To lose an hour in bed is particularly hard for individuals who already struggle with sleep. The research has found that many Brits including children are seriously sleep deprived. We are constantly surrounded by unnatural electronic light,from light fittings,computer screens,televisions or mobile phones. The constant exposure to artificial light can often effect our sleep quality.

25 percent of Brits get less than five hours sleep a night, and the time change may see you drop down to four hours which is a dangerously low amount.

It would make a huge difference if the boss considered allowing their staff to take a short nap. She said a power nap should be taken between 2pm-4pm but no later.

There are many health problems associated with lack of sleep and poor sleep, which include diabetes, depression, and heart disease.

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