Do you think this is disgusting or normal?



A mum has been blasted disgusting on social media for admitting to having a wee in the shower. But other people agree with her and think its perfectly normal. She said the warm water makes me need a wee, I will not get out, soak the floor, dry off and everything. The water washes the wee away and it’s only wee after all.

It can be a bit upsetting when we find out that something we assumed everyone did, may not be normal. There can be an awkward moment when you mention it and everyone looks at you as if your crazy.

When the mum explained what she does in the shower to her husband he was disgusted. But she is of the opinion everyone does it.

The woman shared her story to see what other people thought.

Many were horrified by her admission one said why can’t you just go before you get in the shower?Another said I can always tell if someone has a wee in the shower it always smells the same as urinal.

But some admitted that they also do it one said I can’t see what’s disgusting about it,it’s only wee and it washes away immediately.

Another said Its eco friendly,the loo uses 10 litres of water for a flush,which is five days drinking water.How can it be disgusting when it’s just washed down the drain.

So what do you think perfectly normal or disgusting?

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