Is it fair that all pregnant mum’s are to be tested for smoking?



A new routine test will come in July to try and cut the number of stillbirths in half by 2025.

The new carbon monoxide tests will be carried out to see if they or their partner smoke.

All pregnant women will be screened at 12 and 36weeks. At the moment one in ten pregnant women smokes throughout their pregnancy.

Many women do not admit they smoke to doctors or midwives because they are only asked if they smoke not tested.

It is hoped that the new test will enable mothers to be who smoke can be given specialist help to quit within 24 hours.

The new test will be able to find out if the women’s partner smokes and if they live in a smoke free environment.Even second hand smoke can damage the health of a child.

Smoking during pregnancy has been linked to stillbirths,and heart defects as well as other medical problems.

Although some hospitals already offer testing at 12 weeks already. All of them will have to carry out tests at 12 and 36 weeks.

Do you think it is fair that all mothers to be are to be tested?

Would you judge a mum to be for their smoking habits?

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    • Mrs jo Nicholas , April 2, 2019 @ 9:34 am

      I smoked all through my Pregnancies with all the usual nagging and gave birth to 3 very healthy babies including Twins. With no Health issues what so ever. They also told me every visit to have a termination as I had my Twins late in life as they call it telling me they would be Downs or Physically Disabled. Or Mentally Disabled. I ignored that also and Thank God I did my children have grown up healthy happy people. Not weak and weedy.

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