Anger as Network Rail close level crossing.



Protesters clashed with railway workers yesterday afternoon. As Network Rail installed security barriers and lock the gates to close off pedestrian access to Suggitts Lane crossing.

Police were called as 20-30 demonstrators  chanted and sh0wed placards and tempers flared. It is believed that last week a petition of 4,000 signatures was sent to the House of Commons Rail Minster, in a bid to stop the closure.

Some of the local residents are angry at the closure. Because people who want to go to the North Wall of Cleethorpes promenade will have to use Fuller Street Bridge. People in wheelchairs or with pushchairs would have to go along Grimsby Road up to Isaacs Hill.

A resident who uses a mobility scooter is thought to be of the opinion that it will add twenty minutes to her journey. The crossing has been in place for 25years and many residents do not see anything wrong with the crossing.

Network Rail says the closure is to ensure safety and prevent people from trespassing on the track and risking their lives. It is thought there has been 15 near misses.


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    • james cairns , April 4, 2019 @ 8:48 am

      I just wish Vickers was as concerned about the state of the Borough of Grimsby as he is about a fiddling little rail crossing!!

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