Have you got a grumpy cat?


Apparently, if your cat is grumpy you have only got yourself to blame. Felines are copycats according to scientists. It is believed that they develop personalities that mirror that of their owners.

Cheerful owners have cheerful pets, it was found that owners with overweight, neurotic or cheerful cats had similar traits themselves. Animal experts said that cat owners who were neurotic are less likely to let their pets outside. Their cats are also more likely to be overweight anxious or fearful and suffer from behavioural problems. Cats are like mini-me and are strongly affected by the people around them.

Cats also choose to ignore their owner’s voice.

Japenese scientists tested the behaviour of a number of cats and found that they recognise their name. But unlike dogs, they usually do not come running. Cats who seem to respond to their name are probably just hoping to be fed.

Many of the cats reacted initially to their name by moving their ears, tails, or heads but soon lost interest. There is no evidence that cats attach meaning to our words, not even their own name. They will associate their name with rewards like food or play or maybe something bad like a visit to the vet. A Bristol biologist who specialises in the interaction of human animal behaviour believes that cats are as good as dogs at learning but they are not as keen to show their owners what they have learned.

Does your cat mimic your behaviour?

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