Your satnav could go haywire this weekend.



Satnavs and devices that rely on GPS technology could suffer a glitch this weekend scientists have warned.

Motorists, pilots and sailors could be affected, the timer system on many older models is due to reset. This will happen at 1 am tomorrow. The warning was issued by the National Physical Laboratory. They have said that the effects are unpredictable.

It may mean the time and date and the estimated time of arrival at your destination will be wrong on your car’s satnav, which will require a software update to fix it

It said Uk businesses and users should check that their satnavs are updated to ensure they work properly this weekend. They believe that it is impossible to estimate the number of devices that will be affected.

Millennium bug predicted in 2000.

It was predicted in 2000 that the world’s computers would crash because the clocks of older computers would reset at the end of 1999. But computer systems were upgraded by businesses and there were very few problems.




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